survival rate of Mesothelioma

Can I survive from Mesothelioma Cancer?

Unfortunately, lung cancer is very common and it is one of the most lethal cancers in the world. Mesothelioma is also considered lung cancer.

The 1-year survival rate is about 74% for pleural mesothelioma cancer.

Unfortunately, only 12% of patients may hope to survive this cancer for five years. After being diagnosed, about 40% of the patient will likely survive for at least one year.

Is the mortality rate of Mesothelioma Higher than Covid19?

The short answer is definitely yes. At the time of writing this article, the Covid19 has changed in different shapes and phases and now the Delta Phase is developed in India. But when we compare it with other versions of Corona Viruses, we understand that the Indian Delta Version is just more viral than the others. Many people will survive in coronavirus and we also have the vaccination for the Covid19 so I think although both Mesothelioma and Covid19 attack the lung cell but the mechanism is totally different.

Covid19 is not a tumor and it can be cured. Those people who die from Covid19 or Coronavirus have some deficiency in their immunity system.

But Mesothelioma Cancer cannot be cured. It is a malignant tumor. The patients will not have that too much hard pains and problems of the Covid19 patients but in covid19 usually, most patients will be recovered but we do not have the same situation in mesothelioma cancer.

Stay away from Asbestos

If you are in a place when there is asbestos leave that place rapidly. Do not inhale the air which is polluted by asbestos. Asbestos which one day was widely used in industries is the main cause of Mesothelioma cancer.


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